Learn about the ADDF

The Anaerobic Digestion Development Fund (ADDF) was created to ensure that all customer payments, regardless of renewable electricity supply, are used to support development of new anaerobic digesters in BC. To achieve this, the ADDF ensures that every payment deposited into the Fund is used for financial assistance to support two types of applications:

1. Feasibility and engineering studies: funding to undertake site-specific feasibility studies and engineering designs will enable applicant to better understand the cost and economic viability of building an anaerobic digester on their farm.

2. Construction and commissioning: funding to reduce construction and commissioning costs will enable more farmers to build economically viable anaerobic digesters in BC.

In January and July of each calendar year, Cowpower will announce if there is sufficient funding within the ADDF to accept applications. If sufficient funding exists, eligible applicants will need to complete the ADDF’s feasibility study or construction applications and submit them to the ADDF with all necessary attachments. All applications that satisfy the ADDF eligibility criteria will undergo a subjective review by the ADDF executive committee, and if successful, will receive a letter of commitment for financial assistance.

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