Pacific Agriculture Show

The Pacific Agriculture Show is the largest and most important agriculture exhibition in B.C. Unique in its diversity, the Show attracts over 7,500 attendees from all the livestock and horticulture sectors across B.C., Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest. These include livestock, vegetable, berry, grape, bulb, ornamentals, hothouse and flowers. Now in its 14th year, the Show is incredibly popular amongst producers and farmers. This popularity is because the Show represents the scope and importance of the agricultural industry in B.C. and beyond, while also enabling attendees to investigate and compare the latest agricultural technologies, trends and techniques available. In addition to hosting over 250 exhibiting companies showcasing the latest and most innovative agricultural technologies and services, the Show is home to several other important events. These include the long running Dairy Expo, which is used to spotlight new and pertinent topics within the dairy industry, and the Lower Mainland Horticulture Improvement Association’s Growers' Short Course, which uses its registration fees to fund agriculture research projects. In 2011, the Pacific Agriculture Show also added the Renewable Agri-energy Forum to its already impressive repertoire. This Forum provides farmers, producers and all other attendees with the opportunity to learn more about renewable energy technologies, and to better determine which technologies are most suitable for adoption in B.C.’s agricultural sector. When asked why he wanted to Cowpower the 2012 Pacific Agriculture Show, Jim Shepard, the Show organiser replied “Since its inception, the Pacific Agriculture Show has always had a focus on efficiency and responsible stewardship of the land. Cowpower not only enables the Show to take this focus to a whole new level, but it also gives us the opportunity to support the very sector that is so intrinsic to the success of the Show”. The 2012 Pacific Agriculture Show is one of the first events ever to be Cowpowered. By signing to enhance the electricity used by the Show through Cowpower, the 2012 Pacific Agriculture Show is ensuring it contributes to a more sustainable planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and odours, increasing environmental protection, nutrient recovery, and water and food safety, and contributing towards stronger farms and rural communities. To become a Cowpower customer and start enhancing the sustainability of your business, home or event, sign-up for Cowpower today!

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