Cowpower Registration


Step 1: Estimate Cowpower Premium

1) What is your Electricity Consumption?

Please choose how many kilowatt hours of clean, renewable electricity you'd like local farmers to inject onto BC's energy grid. You can base your choice on your past electricity consumption, or the square footage of your event. If your event is outside or you would like to speak with a Cowpower representative, please choose General Inquiry.

If completing this section, please ensure you can prove (such as with a utility bill or other information) that this electricity consumption is correct.


If, for whatever reason, you don’t know the amount of electricity your event will consume, simply enter the total floor space of your event in square feet (ft2) and the duration in days. Cowpower will calculate the rest.


How does Cowpower calculate this?

If you can't predict your event's electricity consumption, don't know your event's total floor space, if your event is outdoors, or you simply want to speak with someone please contact a representative.

Contact Representative

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