Cowpower Registration


Step 1: Estimate Cowpower Premium

1) What is your Electricity Consumption?

Please choose how many kilowatt hours of clean, renewable electricity you'd like local farmers to inject onto BC's energy grid. You can base your choice on your past electricity consumption, the square footage of your home, or you can choose a specific amount.

How do I find this?


If you don’t know the number of kWh consumed by your home in the past 12 months, please enter the number of months this consumption covers.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t know the amount of electricity consumed by your home, simply select the type of home that best describes your residence and either enter the total floor space in square feet (ft2) or select the most appropriate floor space category. Cowpower will calculate the rest.


How does Cowpower calculate this?

Please enter the amount of clean, renewable electricity you want farmers to inject onto BC’s energy grid each month. Example costs are 250kWh = $10/month, 500kWh = $20/month and 1,000kWh = $40/month

(Minimum amount is 250kWh)

2) Cowpower Level

Please select the percentage of electricity consumed by your home that you would like to be Cowpowered.

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