Are You Cowpowered?

Cowpower is your local non-profit green electricity supplier that provides BC businesses, homes and events with renewable electricity solutions. By choosing renewable electricity from local BC Farms you can reduce your business, home or event’s environmental impact, enhance your reputation as an environmental leader, advance new local renewable energy production and support sustainable local farming.

To learn about Cowpower and the benefits of purchasing renewable electricity for your business, home or event, take a look through our website, watch the Cowpower video or email us at

Cowpower Supporters

Visit the Cowpower Supporters Page to learn why these companies choose to enhance their reputation as environmentally progressive and position themselves as sustainability leaders by purchasing Cowpower's renewable electricity from local BC Farms.

Support The Next Cowpower Farm

Your purchase of Cowpower's renewable electricity enables local BC Farms to convert manure and food waste into renewable electricity. As more businesses, homes and events commit to paying a little extra for Cowpower's renewable electricity, more BC Farms will be able to do the same.

First BC Farm
Second BC Farm
As more BC businesses, homes and events sign-up to Cowpower, support is building for a second BC Farm. Get Cowpowered today and play your part!


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