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November's Cowpower Current

The mountains have their first snows, the air's turned chilly and we find ourselves preparing to enter the holiday season. Where did the year go?

In this month's Cowpower Current we welcome a new client, let you know which events we will be at, point out a couple of interesting reads we came across, and tell you where to find the best ice-cream in Vancouver. Enjoy the read.


Rain or Shine Ice-Cream is Cowpowered

Rain or Shine Ice-Cream parlour was opened last week on West 4th in Kits by Josie Fenton and Blair Casey, a couple bent on changing the way ice-cream is made, served and consumed.

With a flair for all things sustainable, nearly all of the ingredients Rain or Shine Ice-Cream uses are locally sourced and what they can't find locally - things like coconuts and ginger - they source organic and fair trade goods.

When it came to choosing electricity, Rain or Shine Ice-Cream also went local by choosing Cowpower. Cowpower - especially the Cowpower cows - are extremely proud to provide Rain or Shine Ice-Cream with the electricity they need to to make the best ice-cream in Vancouver.


November Event Schedule

From Idea to Open: How to Plan + Launch Your Dream Company
Date & Time: November 27, 5:30 - 8:00pm
Location: #200 - 375 Water Street

Local business plan writing and consulting firm Write Ahead will host the second "From Idea to Open: How to Plan + Launch Your Dream Company" event. As the only networking event in Vancouver designed specifically for emerging entrepreneurs who are just starting out, From Idea to Open is quickly becoming a must-attend event for new business owners and the organizations that help them thrive. For more information, please click here.


Two Interesting Stories in the News

Anaerobic Digestion South of the Border
The adoption of anaerobic digesters to produce renewable electricity is becoming more and more common in the United States. In part, the success of this technology in the US is due to the existence of a government program called AgSTAR. Established in 1994, AgSTAR is the result of a collaborative effort between the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Energy. Read Full Story

Fossil Fuel Subsidies a Reckless Use of Public Funds
According to a new report from the Overseas Development Institute, every year the world is spending half a trillion dollars on fossil fuel subsidies. By a factor of 6 to 1, industrialized nations continue to subsidize fossil fuel companies over renewable energy and clean technology companies. While there is no globally agreed upon definition of what a fossil fuel subsidy looks like, it is safe to say that if it looks like a subsidy, acts like a subsidy and distorts like a subsidy, it's a subsidy! Read Full Story


Vancouver's Top 5 Ice-Cream Parlours

Here at Cowpower we take our dairy seriously. That is why when we sought out to discover the best ice-cream in Vancouver the hardest part was the research. For the past thirty days, our team of crack researchers scoured the city enduring brain freeze and sugar highs to bring you Cowpower's Top Five, Best-of-the-Best, Ice-Cream destinations in Vancouver. Read Full Story

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