Why Buy Cowpower's Renewable Electricity?

Choosing Cowpower’s renewable electricity is an easy and impactful way to reduce your environmental impact, enhance your reputation as an environmental leader, advance new local renewable energy production and support sustainable local farming. For businesses and events it is also a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Brand benefits for businesses and events

Research indicates Canadians care about the environmental record of the businesses they support, and are more likely to purchase goods and services from businesses committed to renewable energy. This is also true for events, where green initiatives are quickly becoming an expected part of holding any event.

Purchasing Cowpower’s renewable electricity from local BC Farms enhances your business or event’s reputation as environmentally progressive. Purchasing Cowpower’s renewable electricity also enables you to offer your customers more sustainable products and services, and inspires participants and spectators.

Cowpower's communications services are designed to give you the Cowpower advantage by effectively showcasing your leadership to environmentally conscious Canadians. Options to communicate your purchase of Cowpower's renewable electricity from local BC Farms may include:

-  Signage to identify your site as Cowpowered;
-  Co-branded advertising in local and regional media;
-  Media outreach to secure news coverage;
-  Profile in Cowpower’s customer communications;
-  Collaborations with other Cowpower supporters; and
-  Cowpower launch event to educate your stakeholders.
-  Cowpower is also happy to discuss any other communication ideas that you might have for your business or event.

Once Cowpowered, you can tell everyone your business or event is powered with renewable electricity made from manure and food waste by local BC farms. No other renewable energy supplier in Canada enables you to say this!

How much does Cowpower cost?

The cost to subscribe to Cowpower and match your business, home or event's electricity use with renewable electricity depends upon how much electricity (kW/h) you use, and the percentage of this electricity you choose to match with Cowpower’s renewable electricity. Average costs are generally $5 - $20/day for businesses, $0.5 - $1/day for homes and $10 - $20/day for events.

It is important to understand that Cowpower payments are made separately and in addition to, not instead of, utility service payments for the electricity you currently use.

For a no obligation Cowpower quote, simply click business, home or event, or select the Cowpower calculator at the top right-hand side of any page and follow the simple instructions.

Cowpower’s promise to you

As a 1% for the Planet not-for-profit partner and with the BC Sustainable Energy Association as a Cowpower advocate, you are assured that your Cowpower payments are used to support production of renewable electricity right here in BC.


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