Why Cowpower?

Cowpower is made by converting manure and food waste into renewable electricity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, strengthens local farming, diverts food waste from landfills, increases water and food safety, and reduces odour.

Subscribing to Cowpower is a great way to enhance your business, home or event’s environmental reputation, increase sales or attendance and build competitive advantage. Once your business, home or event is Cowpowered with renewable energy, we provide you with the tools and materials you need to show your commitment to environmental sustainability, renewable electricity and local farming.

With such an easy and effective way to reduce your environmental impact and support local renewable energy from BC Farms, what are you waiting for? Get Cowpowered today!

Why waste-to-energy?

Unlike other renewable energies, such as wind energy, solar and hydro, Cowpower's waste-to-energy systems (known as anaerobic digesters) also benefit BC’s environment and local farms by converting manure and food waste that can negatively impact our environment, into renewable electricity. To learn more about these benefits and to compare Cowpower’s renewable electricity to renewable energy from other technologies in BC, such as solar, wind and hydro, click the titles below or check out the Technology Benefits Table.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cowpower’s renewable electricity helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing methane from manure and food waste from entering the atmosphere and causing climate change.
  • Odour Cowpower’s renewable electricity helps prevent odours from manure and food waste from being released into the surrounding environment.
  • Water and Food Safety Cowpower’s renewable electricity helps increase water and food safety by preventing pathogens such as E. Coli and Salmonella posing a risk to human and animal health through water and food-contamination.
  • Environmental Protection Cowpower’s renewable electricity helps enhance environmental protection by reducing synthetic-based fertilizer use and protecting aquatic ecosystems from manure run-off.
  • Food Waste Cowpower’s renewable electricity helps divert food waste from landfills and cycles valuable nutrients back to the land.
  • Local Farming Cowpower’s renewable electricity helps strengthen local farming by enabling BC Farms to produce renewable electricity.

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